Pre-arranged and Pre-paid Funerals

We are able to pre-arrange funerals and take your instructions now and hold them until such a time as they are needed. This saves any difficult discussions within the family and gives you peace of mind knowing everything will take place in accordance with your wishes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

Naturally this will depend on the type of service you want. The prices quoted are based on current prices for similar funerals. We offer a choice of fixed-price plans or we can tailor something to meet your individual requirements, in which case you will not have to make any commitment before you know the total price involved.

What If The Cost Of Funerals Increases?

Like most things funerals are affected by inflation, and the cost of funerals will almost certainly increase before you need one - but once you have paid the full plan price you won't have to pay any more! That is the most important benefit of the Finlays Funeral Pre-payment Plans, and why more and more local people are choosing this option.

Do You Pay Interest?

No. A guaranteed funeral plan is not an investment or a savings account - it is simply a way of paying in advance for the funeral service. As the value of the Funeral Planning Trust increases over the years, so the money available to pay the funeral director will increase to compensate for rising costs. But as far as you, the customer, are concerned the specified funeral is already paid for.

Will There Be Any Other Costs At The Time Of The Funeral?

There will never be any further charge for the services provided by Finlays, as specified in your chosen plan. However a funeral also involves fees for the cemetery or crematorium and doctors' examinations, the minister, flowers, press notices etc, some of which cannot be predicted in advance. We recommend that you include a substantial contribution towards these but it may need to be supplemented at the time of the funeral.

What about VAT?

Funerals are not subject to VAT so you do not have to pay VAT on your plan. If a future government does introduce VAT on funerals, Funeral Planning Services will advise you of the options at that time. We do not think that VAT will be introduced on funerals, but we wanted to let you know about all potential costs.

Can I Buy A Plan For Someone Else?

Yes. Please mention this when you order and Funeral Planning Services will send all correspondence to you. All orders are treated in confidence.

How Do I Pay For My Plan?

Most people prefer to make one payment, so they do not have to think about it any more. You can give your funeral director a cheque (payable to Funeral Planning Trust) with your order form, or you can post them direct to the national office of Funeral Planning Services.

What If I Die Away From Home?

Each plan includes removal from the local area, which is all that is normally required - please ask if you are not sure whether this is sufficient. We recommend that you take out travel medical insurance when you go on holiday, which usually includes the cost of bringing you back if you die while away from home.

What If I Move Home?

If you move away from the local area we can transfer your plan to another qualified funeral director convenient to your new home. Funeral costs do vary from one area to another and you will be advised of any change in cost at that stage.

What If I Change My Mind Later?

Once you have purchased your plan you will probably want to forget all about it - no doubt you have got lots of more interesting things to think about! However people do sometimes have second thoughts about the type of funeral they want and it is reassuring to know that you can change your mind if you want to. We will advise on the alternatives available and make changes to your plan if necessary-this may affect the plan price depending on what you require. Your wishes are what matter and our aim is to ensure that your plan remains right for you.

We will be happy to discuss our Pre-planned Funeral Packages with you in the utmost confidence. This can take place in your own home, or by calling into our office or on the telephone.