We supply and install Headstones & Associated Services Nationwide

We at Finlay believe a Headstone/Memorial to be a fitting and lasting tribute to a loved one's memory. We know that choosing a Headstone can be an emotional process and we promise to take every care to help you in any way we can.

We believe that the Headstone you select should be one that reflects everything that is important to you. We understand that you might have questions or need advice when choosing a Headstone.


Please do not hesitate to telephone our experienced staff who are always available to provide free advice and support on all aspects of Monumental work which include:

  • Granite Headstones - Materials available - Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Bahama Blue, Emerald Pearl, Royal Red, Blue Pearl, Karin Grey, Caledonian Green,
  • Marble Headstones - Material available - White Carrrara 
  • Sandstone - Material available – Yorkshire Sandstone

Products & Services

  • Granite & Marble Headstones
  • Additional Inscriptions
  • Grave Cleaning
  • Re-Lettering
  • Chippings
  • Grave Maintenance
  • Ceramic Photo Plaque


  • Cleaning of Older Memorials
  • Reguilding of existing lettering/characters
  • Leveling and concreting of Graves
  • Cleaning of Kerbing and Surrounds

Grave Maintenance

We provide a service of landscaping Graves new and old
With a range of high class services, including upkeep of graves and plots, planting of seasonal bulbs and plants, flower displays and memorial refurbishment.


So whether you are just too far away, find it difficult to manage the work, or simply find visiting too emotional, we can help you in the knowledge that the work will be conducted with both care and dignity.

Finlays Funeral Service

Finlays Funeral Service

Finlays Funeral Service

Finlays Funeral Service